Android Mobile Apps Development India

There are so many mobiles OS are coming with Mobile sets like Blackberry, Android, Windows etc but android OS installed mobile handset has reached with great popularity in mobile market. From business point of view many mobile phone manufacturer has adopted this platform to build up their products.

The popularity of Android OS has really many reasons. it is based on Linux environment with Java program interface and easy friendly accessibility to use device. it provides tools like debugger, compiler & a device emulator. Android technology is created by open handset Alliance that is lead by Google.

As a most reliable user friendly OS, most android user people are looking for suitable android apps in android store. So Android Mobile apps development has got important to develop.

Benefits of Android mobile apps

  • It allows low barrier to entry
  • Ideal platform for companies.
  • Variety of distribution mechanism
  • High returns on low investment
  • Open and free platform to develop.
  • Opensource & reasonable for the companies.
  • Android apps developer are experienced to give quality work because they are skilled with latest OS update.
  • All android apps developer are having depth knowledge of Android SDK, apps developer can develop utmost advantages of OS functionality.

We understand your business grow so as per your requirement we development your apps using latest environment.

  • Android Media APIs, OpenGL 3D graphics, Android Motion & touch-sensing Java classes
  • SQLite, MySQL 5.6 as databases, J2EE App Servers on Server side / Backend, Cloud Integration
  • Activity Creator, Android Interface Description Language and Asset Packaging Tool
  • Wi–Fi APIs, Facebook API, Android Security Architecture
  • Google Search Maps, Location–based Service APIs
  • InApp Purchases using PayPal, m-Commerce

We develop android mobile apps for the following business needs :

  • Travel & Ticketing
  • Education & learning
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Games & Funs
  • Technology