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Require of Mobile SEO optimization is very much important if we are sure most people use internet from their mobile set to find out local information, products and relevant services offered by any local service providers.

Now days every mobile user having almost internet connection in their mobile hand set. They surf internet for relevant information, products to buy or search for any entertain related even on move at any place. most local people use their mobile for searching their require services or products they interest to buy from their local area.

Shiftu Rankers, experienced in providing cost effective SEO optimization services to its global and local base client successfully. our dedicated SEO Experts are experienced to to handle mobile based websites designed for mobile user experience in a responsive design manner.

Why to Choose Mobile SEO Optimization

  • 80 % to 90 % people ( varies country to country) use their mobile handset for internet access each day.
  • In last 2/3 years more people has accessed internet from their mobile than a desktop PC or laptop.
  • 40% of Smartphone users search and make purchase from their mobile device everyday.
  • 90% internet user search and analyze products on their mobile set.
  • 70% people search products on online use their mobile and after search they head to store to purchase.

Benefits of doing Mobile SEO Optimization

Website need to optimize for mobile devices is great idea in terms of local business people looking for any services or products to buy as they look for local services relevant to their daily usable things.

  • It gives you massive online search visibility and new advertising opportunities.
  • Mobile SEO brings your audience close to your business by top local search engine visibility.
  • Increases potential customers.
  • Search engine gives enhanced ranking if a site basically mobile friendly.
  • 7Improve Smartphone user experience and satisfaction.
Mobile SEO Services India

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